Research Diary

During our field trip around bristol museum we came across an interactive board, touch screen displays and computers which were all media technologies. Which all served the same purpose of providing visitors with information of the displayed objects whilst interacting with us through various apps within the touch screens.

While the museum has attempted to keep up to date with modern society each of the media objects are situated away from the museum’s objects, allowing it to be the visitors main focus. Furthermore certain features applied on the touch screens illustrate the museum’s need to adjust to the on going change where new technology is used in pretty much every area of our lives. The museum also makes the assumption that visitors may be cultural capital as they are able to understand how to you use the new technology they’ve provided. The most obsolete object in the museum has to be the taxidermy for the fact that today animals are no longer killed to be displayed instead are exhibited in zoos in their natural environment.

The museum has a range of sources of communication including banners, information cards and signs indicating visitors where to go. Information cards located below the taxidermy includes the names of the animals displayed forcing visitors to form an emotional bond with the animal; The touch screens were also another source of communication which encouraged visitors to relate with the objects. For example a sculpture originated from East Africa which is defined as beauty, can form a sense of familiarity with people who originally come from Africa such as myself whilst also giving us a chance to identify our culture outside of our own environment. This highlights that everyone and anyone is welcomed to the museum and defies the belief that museums are identified as a closed space.

The pokerman cards exhibited in the Eastern section, in my opinion are part of popular culture as it emphasises how the Asian culture had a part to do with popular culture; particularly amongst young children, hence why I believe children who are not so fascinated by the objects in the museum may perhaps be more drawn to the well liked card game.





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