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During 2010 twitter created a whole new interface which confronted its user with similar sites with cooperate ambitions. It allowed user to view images from another individual’s twitter page as well as videos from a variety of other networking sources such as Vine and Facebook, as well as this twitter has formed its own syntax as a generic service such as the symbol ‘@” which is used when referring to a twitter user’s online name and “#” used signifying a searchable subject, which has been integrated in our daily speech, so is twitter controlling us in some way? Although twitter gives us the freedom to outlet our opinions on our individual pages we are obeying to what they are ask of us, by using their jargon and attempting to become popular on the social networking site by gaining a plethora of retweets as we can from our followers. Hence why I believe that social networking users are in a panoptical (Bourdiue 2004) situation, which makes us oblivious to the constant data hacking and observing our Twitter account, do.

Furthermore like to Facebook and Google Twitter enables users to interact in a specific area and follows their tracks, thus although we are not being physically watched our database selves are assembled and evaluated (Simon 2005:17) which brings the argument that our private media may not be as private as we seem to believe. Though in many occasions we asked whether to allow these sites to follow our locations we do not actually consider ourselves being watched

Additionally Twitter gives us up to 140 words to update our followers with our mundane lives which has given users a new concept of ‘network communication (reference) making it seems as if it is a hybridization among conventional blogging and social networking online with the differentiation of the distribution of information structure such as ‘#’ in twitters case where (yang and counts) explain that the symbol and topic expressed, specific analysis attain the propagation physiognomies of various subjects on twitter news networks.

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