Media culture 1

It’s hard to remember a world without technology especially for someone my age. But do we really know the extent to how we have let it take control of our lives? In today’s lecture we studied how the development of mobile phones and the Internet has allowed an increasing amount access to the media. It was recently surveyed that an average person spends 7 hrs a day on some source of technology being a computer, TV or their mobile phone; most of them being youngsters who use social media as a way of freedom of speech via sites like Twitter ( Thomas, 2010, p. 1). But this hasn’t always been the case as during the early centuries the bible was used to mediate and educate people in how to conduct their lives which couldn’t be challenged by anyone and if it was attempted serious consequences would have taken place; but technology has given, some may say, a sense of freedom to believe and say what they want without feeling oppressed of judged by anyone particularly for those who find it difficult to interact with people in person. I can’t remember a world without technology and as I’ve started university I’ve realised that technology is a important part of daily lives.

However the use of technology and social media also has its cons! Recently there has been a scandal involving many female celebs having their naked photos leaked on the Internet by hackers through iCloud which is supposedly meant to keep the database on our phones more secure. This has created an uproar and left many questioning whether what we get up to on our phones is really secure and wether or not we should risk purchasing smart phones in the future, such as the latest iphone6. I’ve also realised during the lecture that new technology has made today’s society somewhat lazy as we can do nearly anything from the comfort of our own home. For example Internet banking allows us to make any transactions and handle business from our computer screens or phones and even food shopping can be done online all from a click of a button. But however much negative aspects new tech has it doesn’t stop many us from lining up at ridiculous hours of the morning to buy the new addition of the iPhone or Samsung smart phones! Thus wether we choose to believe it or not technology is included in one or another aspect of our lives and maybe will continue to say 20 years on.

For me technology definitely plays an important role in my life especially as I’ve gotten older and left home. As I live in a different city from my family and friends I find that using FaceTime on my smartphone makes it easier for me to get in touch with them frequently, we also use the Internet to keep up to date with our work at uni which I do all on my phone and I can honestly say that I don’t know what I’d do if technology was taken away from us today.

Thomas, L.(2010)Computers and TV take up half our lives as we spend seven hours a day using technology. Mail online [online] 18 August. Available from:
[Accessed 19 August 2010] and


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