Bundled, Buried And Behind Closed Doors

During our seminar we watch a short video which answered many people’s question of where does the millions of internet and networking data stored and how does this data pass from one place to another.

Well the answer was that their are many building around the world which carries this data through million of wires within this building; “the internet is a network of networks” (Vimeo 2011) which contain autonomous units that reach by linking into one another which as a result allows all these building containing data to function in a similar pattern whilst also providing space for networking interconnection to occur. Furthermore this helped me recognise how the internet data allows communication around the world geographically, for example world cities such as new york which hold a dense population and is one of the leading cities when it comes to international finance, connect through pre-existing trades and communication networks which proves how social power and change is being affected by technology, world cities rely on the internet to communicate with one another in order to stand politically, economically and culturally powerful amongst other cities and the world. Whilst important businesses and empires have relied on the network as it is cost effective and it allows them to use the social network marketing which gives them the opportunity to get instant feedback from their target market and snapping upset various traders instantly.

The network culture and technology becomes powerful when it interacts with something that is not digital, being us which explains how it has dominated todays society tremendously.


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